Yusef Hood

Yusef Hood is a 22 year old Business Management major from Chicago, Illinois. He is a barber and artist. Yusef is the CEO and creator of Bred In Butter which  is a line of 100% natural hair and beauty products specifically designed for people of color and their distinct curl patterns. On top of being the […]

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Iman Nicole

Iman Harris, is a rising senior Biology major, Chemistry minor from Synecdoche, New York. She is a Makeup Executive for Amir Network, Howard University Homecoming Fashion Show & Springiest MUA, and has done makeup for numerous women for a variety of events including parties, birthdays, photoshoots, etc. Such a sweetheart and beautiful inside and out! Iman is […]

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Positive Vibes Only

Often times today so many of us are battling many things on a daily basis. But with the social media hype and constant thirst for attention, everybody automatically lays their true feelings and issues on the back burner and portrays this false identity in order to appear “together”. I honestly don’t think it’s fair to […]

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What it means to love…

Here I go again keep making the same mistake thought I learned my lesson but I continuously create these problems in my mind keep replaying atleast 1,000 times. if only I stuck to my word… I wouldn’t be in this predicament, this is absurd! steady searching for love, when I need to be reaching for […]

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Dj Swerve

Dj Swerve is 20 years old from Atlanta, Georgia. He is a Sports Management major, Strategic Communications minor. He enjoys hanging out with friends, playing basketball, and going to parties as much as he likes djing…if it’s a move and he is actually not djing, he’s down for the turn up. But don’t get it twisted […]

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Tyarrah Walker

Tyarrah Walker is a 21 year old Supply Chain Management major from Little Rock, Arkansas. She currently is the Howard University Springfest Trunk Show Chair (2016), Howard University Arkansas Club Founder/ President, CLIQUE Founder/CEO, and was a 2015 Fall New York Fashion Week Intern. She enjoys reading, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. […]

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Nick Hough

Nick Hough is a Senior Advertisement major from Wingdale, New York. He is 21 years old and enjoys producing. Nick was Howard’s Hottest producer 2014-2015, Campus Pal, Passionate Lover, Hunter Gatherer, loves to watch Friends, Shop for records, and listen to instrumentals. Twitter: @nickelusTesla IG: @nickelus soundcloud.com/nicktesla   Tierra: What or who inspires you? Nick: Musically, […]

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