What it means to love…


Here I go again

keep making the same mistake

thought I learned my lesson

but I continuously create

these problems in my mind

keep replaying atleast 1,000 times.

if only I stuck to my word…

I wouldn’t be in this predicament,

this is absurd!

steady searching for love,

when I need to be reaching for the one above.

damn, I feel so sad

it hurts me to realize there is no future in what we had

in the moment you make me feel great

when it’s all over I realize it was a false reality I create.

what ashame

no one to blame

have to put myself first and stop settling

next time around will be better than,

now I finally understand

the importance of seeing it for what it is,

versus what I imagine in my head.

so, in conclusion as long as you take away…

you need to be treated like the queen you are at the end of the day.

that man is not worth all the heartaches and pain

tears falling like the sound of the rain

no one to wipe them,

but the man above

he’s the only one who fully grasps

what it means to love.

-Tierra Navia




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