Iman Nicole

Iman Harris, is a rising senior Biology major, Chemistry minor from Synecdoche, New York. She is a Makeup Executive for Amir Network, Howard University Homecoming Fashion Show & Springiest MUA, and has done makeup for numerous women for a variety of events including parties, birthdays, photoshoots, etc. Such a sweetheart and beautiful inside and out! Iman is definitely painting a beautiful future for herself in the make-up industry.

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Tierra: Where do you get your inspiration from when it comes to make-up?

Iman: When it comes to make-up I’ll always look towards celebrities and celebrity make-up artists. I’ll follow their instagram or sometimes I’ll look at runway make-up… But I’ not really like much of a runway make-up type of person. But I’ll definitely go on instagram and just look at a whole bunch of make-up artist and youtube make-up artist and all that.

Tierra: What people do you mostly look to? Do you have specific people of pages you follow after when looking for new looks?

Iman: My favorite instagram pages to look up make-up are @amrezy, she’s like my favorite her make-up is always slaying. @makeupbymario, he’s Kim Kardashian make-up artist and he always does a really good job. @makeupshayla she’s really dope too! 

Tierra: How long have you been a make-up artist and how did you get started in the industry?

Iman: I’ve been a make-up artist for… probably like two years now. I didn’t even start doing my own make-up until I was seventeen and right after high school graduation I bought a whole bunch of make-up and I just decided that I wanted to learn how to do it. And then I really started doing it when I came to Howard and I just loved it!

Tierra: What do you love most about make-up?

ImanI love how it can make you feel… like you could be having such a bad day and you could be looking so crappy and just do your make-up and be feeling like ” YESSS! Like I look so much better and feel so much better!” haha.

Tierra: If you weren’t a make-up artist what else would you be doing?

ImanI would probably be more into the medical field because that’s what I originally planned to do is to become a doctor when I came to Howard. But then I realized that that wasn’t really for me. That’s not the path that I wanted to go down. But I still love it… So that’s probably what I would be doing.

Tierra: So in the future do you want to continue with make-up or is this just a hobby for you?

ImanNo, I want to continue with make-up. I actually want to have my own make-up line.

Tierra: Have you started that endeavor yet ?

ImanI’ll probably start soon. I want to at least by graduation… I want to have a solid start to my line.

Tierra: How would you describe your signature look? What is it about your style that sets you apart from other make-up artist?

ImanMy signature look is definitely an everyday type of look. Like if you see my around campus I will just have on normal, light, everyday make-up. I don’t like do my make-up dramatic everyday. But what sets me apart from every other make-up artist is that I really take the time to make sure that not only is your face beat when I do your make-up, but that it looks like natural and good. Because a lot of make-up artist sometimes they get carried away and they like cake on make-up… but I definitely try not to do that.

Tierra: When did you find out you were passionate about this?

Iman: Probably about a year ago, I decided to take this seriously and I was like I can actually make money off of this and I can do this for a while and have an income.


Tierra: What’s the biggest risk that you’ve taken that you feel has paid off?

ImanProbably my youtube channel that is definitely the biggest risk that I’ve taken and I’ve gained a lot of support from my youtube channel and it’s still growing… so you never know where that can take me.

Tierra: What song do you listen to that motivates you

ImanMhmm… lately this is so ratchet… haha… but I’ve been listening to Still the Baddest x Trina. hahaha… like everyday and it’s really been motivating.

Tierra: So basically, the magazine I’ve recently created is called DYNAMITE! and I’m interviewing and highlighting young African-American people who do great things in their communities, like you’re doing… So how do you feel media portrays the lives, struggles, and joys of young African-American people?

ImanI feel like the media doesn’t portray us in the way we should be portrayed most of the time. A lot of the time you always see the negative and the bad side of things… especially with like reality tv and even regular media, like violence… they only show the bad, but there’s so much good happening in our community that they never show… So it’s important that we get the good out there and less of the bad.

Tierra: What is one thing you do when you feel stuck creatively?

ImanWhen I feel stuck creatively I literally just sit down in front of my mirror with all of my make-up spread out and just start playing and trying new stuff and hopefully something clicks in my mind.

Tierra:What advice would you tell a young person that is trying to get started in the make-up industry but don’t know where to start?

ImanI would just tell them you don’t really have a lot of make-up or anything… you don’t have to get the most expensive make-up, you can literally just go to Target, CVS, Walmart, anywhere and get a whole bunch of cheap make-up and start out with that. You don’t want to start off with the high end make-up anyway because you don’t know if you’ll like it and then you’ll just spend a whole bunch of make up for nothing. And definitely just practice and stick with it. Don’t give up on yourself, because you will be bad when you first start but you have to just practice. Practice makes perfect.

Tierra:If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of young people what would your message be?

ImanMy message would be to know yourself before anything. Because if you don’t know yourself you’ll just be kind of like walking but won’t have a path… so basically walking for no reason. Once you start to know yourself and learn more about yourself (what you like/ don’t like) then that’s when you will really be able to take your brand or whatever you’re working on to the next level.


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